“I presented with a hamstring injury resulting from a touch football game with my grandchildren.  It was a painful injury and I thought it was quite serious.  I questioned whether it would heal well enough to walk normally again.  I was pleasantly surprised – in about 10 sessions of PT spread over two months it returned to very near normal.  I was discharged with instructions of what I could continue to do for complete recovery.  This was my first time in PT, I’m 62 years old, and it worked well.”
“I came into Sport & Spine after reconstruction on my ACL. I started out hobbling around on crutches, and now I feel as good as new.  The people here are great to work with and I didn’t have any problems. What more can you ask for?  Thank you to everyone at Sport & Spine”
Ryan M.
“I love everything about my experience at Sport & Spine.  I was well cared for from the moment I walked in the door for the first time.  All staff members are so great to work with :).  I came in with persistent glute pain.  As a runner, you know that if it doesn’t take care of itself within a few weeks, something is wrong.  My physical therapist diagnosed me quickly and began treatment.  I noticed a difference within the first 2 weeks, and now I’m back on track with my training.  I know where I’m going next time I have an injury!  Thanks for everything.”
“I had a pain in my left foot that had been bothering my for over a month.  When I began my pre-season training for track in the winter, the pain was stopping me from completing my work-outs.  I came to Sport & Spine, and saw improvement in about a week.  This track season looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, and thanks to Sport & Spine, alot less painful.”
Donny W.
“In July of 2005, I suffered a serious ATV accident.  I broke my back and several ribs.  In December of that year I started therapy and it was very successful.  Since then I have continued my exercise routine at the local Y. Recently my knee began to ache, so I started physical therapy.  Once again the excellent staff developed an exercise routine for me, this included stretching and strengthening.  I would recommend Sport & Spine to everyone.”
“When I first started, I had a knee injury that bothered me while working and playing sports.  My job consisted of heavy lifting and i wasn’t ablt to squat to be able to lift.  The pain was so bad in my knee, I wasn’t able to sleep. After coming to therapy for the last month the pain is now gone.  I am able to play sports to my full potential. All of the exercises worked very well, and all of the advice helped also.  I am so glad I choose Sport & Spine.”
D. Shaw
“I came back to Sport & Spine for a neck issue that re-occurred. This time it was more for a strengthening program to help prevent further neck issues. Kelly was totally a professional in understanding the issue and creating a program for me. She is very intense in making sure I was doing the exercises correctly and that they were the best for me, and that they were helping me. I would, and have, recommended Sport & Spine to anyone who asks.”